Workshop on Photography

If you are young passionate photographer, this Festival gives the opportunity to teach you some basic lines on this beautiful art
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Here is the agenda of the workshop:

Day 1

-Morning. Offline theory lesson. 2-3h.

-Photography basics. Manual camera settings: the connection between aperture, shutter and iso.

-Seeing and feeling light.

-Best conditions to shoot: learning to chase Golden and Blue hour.

-Tips and tricks on working with strong midday light.

-Evening. 2h before sunset.

-Photo walk

-Practicing the theory.

Day 2

-The participants prepare post production of their photographs and choose three of their best works for the discussion.


Day 3

-Discussion of most common mistakes.

-Choosing the best photography works.

-Lecturer: Alla Simacheva

Ps: The promotional fee for workshop participation is 3000 All. Seats are limited, so registration and payment is required to guarantee your place!