Tirana Photo Festival is in its seventh edition, continuing its journey as Albania’s most popular photography festival in terms of inclusivity and the number of participants.

This year’s edition is “Roots,” a topic that is as global as it is current in relation to Albania’s reality.

Over 500 photographs have been submitted in this edition in a competition open to everyone, professionals and amateurs, both for the “Single Photo” category—a competition with thematic images from Albania—and for the “Photo Series” competition—with thematic images from around the world that tell a story.

This year’s theme follows a global phenomenon: many people move from one country to another, eventually leaving their homeland. But in Albania, this problem has turned into an acute social issue since, for several decades, the mass exodus has continued, halving and irreversibly aging the population. Today, the majority of the Albanian nation lives in the diaspora, and not having the opportunity to continue their Albanian education, it is impossible for them to preserve the traditions, the language, and the culture for generations.

On the other hand, the country is experiencing an unprecedented tourist boom, and, in addition to tourists, many foreign citizens have decided to live in Albania. In this context of globalization with a high risk of cultural homogenization, Tirana Photo Festival, with the name “Roots,” wants to raise awareness precisely about the identity of the Albanian nation, inviting photographers to experience all the most beautiful moments of our unique assets, of our land, of our traditions, of culture, clothing, rituals and the authenticity and spiritual values ​​of the nation.

In addition, the Festival is also open to bringing cultures from other countries, always keeping a window open for photographers from all over the world to be part of the Festival. Through the Photo Series, photographers worldwide have been invited to bring their photographic projects with the Roots theme to bring their cultures and traditions.

Risite e ketij viti

This year, the TFF Professional Jury, consisting of Rozafa Shpuza, Roland Tasho, and Monika Stafa, has selected the best photographs for the “Single Photo” section, and the well-known photojournalist Armando Babani has selected the best projects for the “Photo Series” section.

Every year, the festival organizes several workshops, of which we highlight the one with Armando Babani on the work in the photographers’ project and the one with Rozafa Shpuza on the photography scene in the country. During the festival, there will be meetings with artists and an event from the Nomade Pressure Colony on the theme of Social Photography.


A Photo Safari will take place in search of our historical roots in Petrele and the Historical Settlement of Persqopi, hosted by Albanian photographer Albert Çmeta.

This year’s big award ceremony was organized near the premises of the Reja Installation in Tirana.

The exhibition will be open to everyone, inviting the public to the city’s public areas. For this edition, we chose Rinia Park, the heart of our Capital, as one of its most frequented places.


The organizer of this annual festival is DMO ALBANIA, an organization that markets Albanian destinations and their authenticity. Its most important project is the tourist information portal Visit Tirana. The Festival has been supported every year by the Municipality of Tirana. This year, the Ministry of Economy, Culture, and Innovation joined our sponsors. Another fellow festival traveler is EJAlbum, which has a collective of artists. Over the years, Tirana Photo Festival has created a fantastic community of photography enthusiasts who are the real engine of the festival.

The staff of Tirana Photo Festival 2024 consists of Eva Kushova, the festival’s director; Mevisa Xhuli, its coordinator; Valentina Bruno and Alessandro Fini, assistants in an internship program; Heldi Mema, graphic designer; and Elton Koritari, the Festival’s curator.