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Tirana Photo Festival, the biggest photo festival in Albania

Tirana Photo Festival is an annual photo festival organized by DMO Albania (Destination Management Organisation).The first premium event was held from 1-9 November 2018 in National History Museum of Tirana. The aim of this Festival is to put in the focus the art of photography through photo competition, exhibitions, seminars, photo tours and more.

More than 7000 photos were submitted in first edition, which made the premiere event a huge success. The theme was Promoting Tirana through Photography.

The second edition held from 8-15 October 2019 at National History Museum. The theme for 2019 was: Natural and Cultural heritage of Albania. The exhibition with 100 best photos was the most visited one, at National History Museum for years.

How this Festival started?

The idea came after several small photo competitions we organized in social media through Visit Tirana tourism portal. Since 2016, every season we have organized small competitions to promote Tirana, with hashtags, #TiranaSpring; #TiranaSummer; #TiranaAutumn; #TiranaWinter.  Seeing the high number of submissions in seasonal photo contests we decided to organize a bigger event, which become Tirana Photo Festival

Thanks to our sponsors such as Tirana Municipality, Ministry of Culture, National History Museum and Fuji Film Albania we made this festival the most popular one in the country.

Who is the organizer?

DMO ALBANIA, is a non profit organisation based in Tirana, which aim is to manage and promote destinations. We work through different projects not only in Tirana but also in UNESCO sites.

Tirana photo festival 2019

Mr.Veliaj: I simply love the @VisitTirana team

Here is what the Mayor of Tirana Mr Veliaj said about our work: “I simply love the @VisitTirana team- they are an independent group often promoting our city way bettter than some of us are tasked to dy by the city Hall. Thanks to an awesome photo expo- great to see so much love pouring for Tirana via thousands of pics