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Roland Tasho


Roland Tasho is a well-known Albanian photographer who has been involved in photography for over 40 years. Tasho started taking pictures in 1982. Today he works as a freelancer. Since 1992, he has held more than 70 exhibitions in Albania, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Argentina, Greece, Hungary, etc. 6 international awards, 11 photo books published so far.

Armando Babani

Photographer/ Photoreporter

Armando Babani is a well-known photographer and photojournalist in Albania with over 30 years of experience. He has fixed important events in Albania in the focus of the camera, with which he has been passionate since he was 8 years old—author of a series of national and international exhibitions. Armando is the jury of the Photo Series and will lead the workshop “Not a photograph, a story with photographs.”

Monika Stafa


Monika Stafa is a well-known journalist in Albania for about 30 years. She is the author of historical and artistic documents and of the column Vitrina e Libri. Author of 7 books on historical perspective. Delivers opinion in print media. She has PhD in Science in History. Monika is joining our team for the first time. 

Rozafa Shpuza


Rozafa Shpuza was born in Shkodër. She is a well-known photographer and poet. The peculiarity of her creativity is that photography and poetry have an inevitable connection with each other, which is also the key to her success. Rozafa has opened many personal and joint exhibitions in several countries of the world and has been honored with international awards. ODA Gallery is the name of the gallery that Rozafa has opened in the old house of her parents in Shkodër, which has turned into a shelter for artists from all over the world.

Elton Koritari

Curator/ Artist

Elton Koritari is the curator of Tirana Photo Festival, taking care of the curation of the festival, themes, exhibition, and its promotion. EJAlbum Diretor. Project manager, art curator, communication and design expert for years, Elton still blindly believes in the power of photography. He applies this philosophy in every project and in his daily work at EJAlbum by initiating various projects inside and outside the company, curating marketing campaigns, storytelling, running courses and workshops and of course organizing exhibitions and events in the field of visual art.

Albert Cmeta


Albert Cmeta is a passionate photographer mainly of the surroundings of Tirana. He has published a series of photo albums such as Tirana Through Lens, or Beautiful Tirana. Albert Cmeta is a lecturer of the Photo Tour workshop, for several years at our festival.