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Workshop on Photography

Tirana Photo Festival 2018 was focused on youth education with photography.

20 people participated in the workshop with photographer Alla Simacheva

The workshop lasted three days. The interest was very high. We had more requests, but the number of participants was limited

Here was the program by Alla Simacheva

Day 1

-Morning. Offline theory lesson. 2-3h.
-Photography basics. Manual camera settings: the connection between aperture, shutter and iso.
-Seeing and feeling light.
-Best conditions to shoot: learning to chase Golden and Blue hour.
-Tips and tricks on working with strong midday light.
-Evening. 2h before sunset.
-Photo walk
-Practicing the theory.

Day 2

-The participants prepare post production of their photographs and choose three of their best works for the discussion.

Day 3

-Discussion of most common mistakes.
-Choosing the best photography works.
-Lecturer: Alla Simacheva