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Tirana Photo Festival 2019

8-15 October 2019 – National History Museum


First day: 16:00-17:00: Theory, presentation of the main elements of photography

Photo composition

Basic techniques of photography

Photo light

Day two: Practice, learning by doing. End of workshop

Workshop with Roland Tasho

Tema: Basic elements of photography/ colors and light
Kohezgjatja: 2 days
Data: 9-10 tetor
Ora: 16:00
Vendi: Zyrat e FujiFilm Albania
Numri i pjesëmarrësve: Max 25-30 participants
Fee: 3 000 ALL

Send your email for registration for this workshop, and we will explain to you how to pay. Good luck!

How to register?

Send an email at [email protected] with subject: Workshop with Roland Tasho

Put your name, and telephone number

Pay cash in the offices of  Visit Tirana

Worshkop with Alla Simacheva

Tema: Editimi i fotografise
Kohëzgjatja: 2 ditë
Data: 10-11 tetor
Vendi: Zyrat e FujiFilm Albania
Numri i pjesëmarrësve 25 (nr i limituar. Kush regjistrohet i pari)
Pagesa për workshop: 3 000 leke


Topic: Post production of Landscape photography

Day 1. 3 hours theoretical part

  1. Raw vs Jpg
  2. Understanding your .raw file and using the maximum of it.
  3. Color correction tools in Lightroom (LR) and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)
  4. Removing color cast (unpleasant color shift) in LR, ACR and PS.
  5. HSL and basic understanding of a color wheel.
  6. Split toning and other tools of creative toning (gradients, gradient map, curves)
  7. Saving your own presets
  8. Adapting images for web and print.

Participants receive the homework.

Day 2. Feedback on participants’s work.

The participants should have Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC, as well as Photoshop, installed on their computers. The participants are kindly ask to bring their laptop computers to seminar.

How to register?

Send an email at [email protected]

Write your name and telephone number

Write in the subject: Workshop with Alla Simacheva

Pay cash at the offices of Visit Tirana